About Us

TIE Media Services creates award-winning broadcast media.  Productions in recent years have included documentaries, teacher training pieces, economic development promotions, and more.

Our department is part of Technology and Innovation in Education (TIE), a public entity that advances effective informational technology use across South Dakota and beyond.  Educational merit is a key criteria when TIE Media Services considers projects.

TIE Media Services productions have premiered on public broadcasting stations, at schools and professional conferences, and in commercial movie theaters.

A common thread runs through our productions: Helping people, organizations, and communities visualize ways to reach their full potential.  Our programs have been honored nationally.  Some recent awards we’re proud of include:

Breaking Shells: Named winner of the 2010 TASH Images In Media Award, and  2011 American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Media Award.

Tasunke Witko:  A 2011 SD Film Festival Jury Award for South Dakota Significance.

Our Services

TIE Media Services is especially interested in working with schools and universities, public broadcasting systems, and nonprofits.  Usually our first service is just visiting with our client to help fine-tune a story so that it will effectively translate to television.

Next a script is written.  About half our projects are shot in a documentary style where interviews are recorded without scripting, as part of the discovery process.  Then a script is developed based on that material.  Other projects begin with scripting by our writers after extensive input from the client.  Occasionally fictional scripts are written for pointed, powerful instruction.

Action is shot with high-definition cameras, usually on-site rather than in a studio.  If appropriate, original music can be composed and performed as a theme or as incidental, background music.

Our post-production studio is in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Editing, mixing, and all other post-production work utilize Apple Final Cut Studio and Adobe Creative Suite.

TIE Media Services can conduct hands-on workshops covering scriptwriting, shooting, songwriting, and post-production.